The path to success is seldom easy.  It requires hard works, determination and perseverance and much more.

Successful people seem to share some of these common traits.

Let’s take a look at the similar recipes used by the successful people:
Unsuccessful People
Successful People
They criticize without a valid reason They give compliments
They hold a grudge They forgive others
They blame others for their failures They take responsibility for their failures
They take all the credits from others They give others credits for their victories
They think they know it all They always keep learning
They talk about people They talk about ideas
They fear changes They embrace changes
They secretly hope others fail They want others to succeed
They think about how others can help them They think about how to help others
They are afraid of failures They take opportunities & learn from failures
They seldom set goals They set goals & develop life plans
They have a sense of entitlement They have a sense of gratitude
They hide information & data from others They share information & data with others
They dwell in the past They live in the present
They radiate anger & become negative too often They radiate joy & stay positive


With love,

Cecilia Or

Always Remember Why Inc.

Always Remember W.H.Y.

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