How were your previous experiences when joining hobby classes?

Joining a hobby club or class can be fun.  It lets you do something that you like, either with someone you already know or use it as an avenue to meet new people. 

How much do you want to do it?

Different people have different degrees of passion in a particular hobby.  Up until now if you haven’t joined a class, then why now?  As you all may know, there are two types of classes.  You can join it consistently, maybe a class every week, club meetings every fortnight.  Alternatively, you can just find drop-in classes that allow you to join whenever you want and have time.  If one is very passionate, then it’s likely that one wants to make all the meetings, whenever it is scheduled.  This means really decide to leave a portion of the time for this hobby, and possibly reduce other activities if the schedule is normally already very busy.  Or if the other schedules are of higher priorities, then it’s probably better to do this in a drop-in manner.

But before you join any class, always try to ask yourself these 3 questions below to check how committed your mindset is.

(1) What do you want to get out of these classes?

This question may sound unimportant, but it’s not.  Motivation is the key factor on how likely you will stay with the class schedules.  For example, one wants to do something to be competitive.  Perhaps you want to excel in hockey, or maybe it is your goal to tour the world playing chess.  Some people just want to be good at something.  For example, it can be to play the guitar well.  Maybe there are social motivations like impressing your friends with your juggling skills or meeting new people in the astronomy club.  Or perhaps it’s the thrill of doing it, like your monthly sunrise rock climbing expedition.  Or maybe you just want to spend some time because you don’t know what else to do.

(2) Can you work out the schedule?

Motivation drives methods.  For the most part, it all depends on how much you want to do this.  If it is important for you to be at the rink every Tuesday night and spend 3 hours there, you will somehow manage it.  Instead, your process is more like, “I have this and this on this day, and that can’t be moved”, then most likely you don’t care enough to make the necessary arrangements.  The most important thing is not to be delusional when one believes that they would make that schedule and push other things aside to make this happen and then they don’t.

(3) Will you be sacrificing too much?

Another thing to watch for is the effects of shifting your schedule.  Are you going to fall behind on your study because of too many soccer practices after you join the soccer club?  Are you missing your weekly gathering with your grandparents because you want to join the lawn bowling classes?  When there is a conflict, is there a way you can solve the problem?

Ultimately, it’s great for us to pursue anything that we are passionate about.  However, there can be too many things that fit into this category, such as work, family, friends, volunteering, self-help, health, hobbies, etc.

Time management and proper prioritization play very important roles during scheduling.

If you are unsure, always try to start with a few drop-in classes, and see how you feel.  This also gives you an opportunity to find out if this hobby is the best fit for you.

Do you have any good or bad experience when joining a hobby club that you would like to share?  Please put it in the comment section below.


With love,

Cecilia Or

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