How do you feel today?  

Is it another rough day?

Your boss didn’t seem to appreciate your work.  And your friend misunderstood your joke and took it negatively.  Also, your beloved one nagged you again after a tiring working day.  Oh… What a rough day!

Wait… Please sit back for a minute.  Let’s rewind and revisit the moments together…

Yes, your boss might not have shown his acknowledgment of your good work, but what evidence showed you that your boss didn’t appreciate your work?

And yes, your friend might misunderstand your joke and take it negatively, but why did you believe that your friend didn’t regret his upset after you clearly explain your thoughts?

Also yes, your beloved one might be complaining these minor things you haven’t done, but how did you know that your beloved one didn’t notice all the helps you have contributed to this lovely home?

It’s true that life can be quite challenging.  But most of the times, it is a cascade effect from an unknown “Barrier” that makes people hesitate to verbally show their love and care, causing more and more misunderstanding in communication.  Everyone including myself wishes that others can just tell us how great we are.  But when we are in the reversed situation, we sometimes also get shut down by the same barrier.

What is this creepy power that crawls around my mind?

It’s indeed generated from the Insecurity in the deepest of your Mind and Soul.  These countless small talks inside your mind continuously discourage you from admitting a mistake, showing an appreciation, etc.  Everyone wants to feel loved, but no one wants to feel hurt, which make us feel afraid of the unknown possibilities.  And this endless cycle will continuous to spiral away from your desired relationships…

So…here’s a question for you: Why do you wait for the change when you can be the one to make it happen?  Yes, this is no longer a wishful thinking: YOU have the POWER.  The remote control has already been in your hands, waiting for you to click the button.

Let’s start today: 

Be the one to fight over these intimidating negative thoughts.

Tell your colleagues how much you appreciate their working capabilities.  And, show your friends how much you care about them.  Also, show your beloved one how much you enjoy spending time together.

If you are willing to start this first step, you will soon notice a HUGE CHANGE in your life!!


With love,

Cecilia Or

Always Remember Why Inc.

Always Remember W.H.Y.

Be Well, Be Happy, Be You