Family RelationshipParenting is one of the toughest jobs of all times.

Besides responsibility, it also consists of a lot of works and efforts.

Family relationship plays an important role in the development of child’s physical, emotional and social capabilities.  Therefore, it’s crucial to build a good healthy relationship with open communication with your child can positively help your child’s upbringing.

Regardless of the cultural backgrounds, having good and healthy relationships between the family members can allow the child to feel safe, secure and loved.

There is a research study showing that parents who are warm and supportive tend to associate with positive cognitive, behavioural, emotional and physical child development outcomes.  In comparison, parents that are harsh, abusive or emotionally neglectful tend to cause their child to experience emotional, behavioural, mental and physical health difficulties in childhood and in later stages of life.


Here are some tips for growing stronger family relationships:

1. Show emotional stability and consistency in thoughts and actions, because this will let the child feel warm, trustful and respectful.

2. Set an example of positive respect and kindness between you and your child.  Let your child learn to treat each other and others with respect and kindness because this will allow them to have happier and more fulfilling relationships with others.

3. Develop good communication with your child.  Remember that communication involves both talking and listening.  This will resolve conflicts, improve the relationship and also assist your child in developing relationships with others.

4. Praising your child for things they do well is as important as setting boundaries.  This will allow them to understand the correct concept as well as improve their self-esteem.

5. Be attentive to your child as well as involve them in family life.  Always let your child express their opinions.  Maybe even let your child assist in a part of the household decision-making.  This will help you understand their point of views and will help them feel that they are a part of the family.

6. Spend time doing something together.  If it’s too busy, you can still enjoy your dinner together to get together for conversation and a good laugh.  Make sure your whole family does something fun together on a regular basis.  When planning family activities, make sure you take into consideration of the needs of all family members.  One way of spending quality time with the younger child is by reading with them on a regular basis.  This will also improve your child’s reading ability.

7. Don’t forget to allow your child to have their personal space and time that are suitable for their age, stage of development and maturity.

8. Read articles on child’s development to find out how child behave at different ages and stages of development.  This will help you understand why your child is doing certain things or responding in certain ways.  Also, this will prevent you from reacting in an over-concerned manner.

9. Take good care of yourself: Eating right, getting enough sleep and also taking the time to relax.  For example, it’s good to spend time with your partner and other close friends.  Feeling supportive in your parenting role will help you to cope with various parenting challenges along the way.

10. Try to manage work-family time conflict.  Time and pressures from the workplace can affect the energy available for parenting.  When needed, make sure you seek help from friend or daycare service.  Remember that it’s the best to spend 30-60 minutes of quality time with your child during workdays.

Relationships are built through Trust, Support, and Communication.

Your child begins to build their first relationship experience at home… with you.

Let’s set a Great Example for them since the Beginning.

What are the challenges that you experience when you communicate with your child?  What do you do to improve your family relationship?  Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.  I would love to hear from you.


With love,

Cecilia Or

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