Don’t underestimate the power of a small act of kindness.

One small but thoughtful gesture can make someone else’s day…

Here are 33 ideas for some random acts of kindness:

(1) During your ride in the elevator, say “Hello” with a smile to the person next to you in the elevator.

(2) Take a minute to direct someone that gets lost, even when you are in a hurry.

(3) Offer to an elderly neighbour to pick up groceries for her or him, especially in the winter.

(4) When you are on a crowded bus/train, offer your seat to an elderly, a disabled person or a pregnant woman.

(5) When you are in the subway station, help a mother carry her baby stroller up the subway stairs.

(6) Hold a door open for someone.

(7) Befriend with a lonely person.

(8) Give a compliment to a stranger.

(9) When you see someone with hands full of items, walk over to open a door for him/her.

(10) Let someone who seems in rush cut into your lane during traffic.

(11) Smile at a stranger on the street, just because you see each other.

(12) When you are supermarket checkout with a cart of items, let the person behind you with one or two items go ahead of you.

(13) Give out free hugs.

(14) Write a compliment letter for a customer service clerk when he/she is doing an excellent job.

(15) When you’re throwing your garbage away on the street, pick up any litter around you and put it in the garbage bin too.

(16) Put a coin in an expired meter, even if you don’t know the person.

(17) Say “Thank You” and “Please”, and also make sure you really mean it in the deepest of your heart.

(18) Don’t interrupt when someone is explaining himself/herself.

(19) Help a friend pack for a move.

(20) Listen to a child with your full attention and all your heart.

(21) When you finish using your shopping cart, put it back in its place.

(22) Offer to babysit for a single mom when she seems to need help.

(23) Give someone a tissue when seeing him/her crying in the public, and offer to be a listener if they want to talk.

(24) Play board games with senior citizens at a nursing home.

(25) Hold the elevator when you see someone coming.

(26) When you are wrong, simply say “I’m sorry”.

(27) Encourage someone who seems despaired and depressed.

(28) Bring a box of donuts to a community event, and also leave a kindness note on top to cheer everyone up.

(29) Be kind to the customer service rep on the phone, because it’s not really their fault.

(30) Help someone who is struggling with heavy bags.

(31) Offer your spare change when the person in front of you at the cashier comes up short.

(32) Leave genuine compliments on people’s blogs or YouTube videos in order to show how much you appreciate their efforts.

(33) Ask others sincerely what you can do to help.

Remember… “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop


With love,

Cecilia Or

Always Remember Why Inc.

Always Remember W.H.Y.

Be Well, Be Happy, Be You