Steps to Reduce Insecurity in Routine Life

Most of us feel insecurity at some points in our lives. It’s not always a problem to feel insecure. But when it starts to spread to every aspect of your life, then it can be self-destructive to both yourself and the people around you. When you are constantly insecure, you start to look at the […]

Insecurity: Negative Effects on Routine Life

Do you feel insecure? You are not alone. Most people feel insecure one way or another, but some of us don’t really know it. Insecurity is the feeling that created by people that have self-doubt, uncertainty, anxiety about themselves, or a lack of confidence.  Unlike many may assume, this unease feeling does not only apply […]

6 Key Areas to Strike Balances on Leadership

What is a balanced leadership Management and leadership skills are difficult to hone.  Obviously, commitment is first and foremost, but does commitment immediately translate to success?  Many leaders can try to be everybody’s friend.  Others try to be drill sergeants.  Which is better?  Often, a great leader is able to balance the approach because he […]

Keys to Reduce Fear-Driven Time Mismanagement

Have you ever felt that there are way too many things to do and have nowhere near enough time to do them? Furthermore, have you felt so much pressure to do the tasks that you avoid doing them? This is very common when one gets overwhelmed by the tasks either because of the difficulty or […]

Cheerful Heart, Healthy Body

A Cheerful Heart is a Good Medicine to Health… Health and Cheerfulness move hand in hand with each other. Cheerfulness creates a Positive effect that can spread to your Mind and throughout your Body. I understand that it may be hard to believe, but this is not just an old saying or a hypothesis. There have been studies […]

5 Keys to Turn Around Despair of Losing Streak

The feeling of winning or losing doesn’t only happen in sports or games.  It also happens in everyday life, as success and failures come and go quickly. “Yeah! I got 100% on a test today!” “I couldn’t keep my child at the table for the whole dinner.” “Oh no, I didn’t get the promotion.” “I […]