When I was looking through other’s blog posts, this article caught my attention, Why to Read: 10 Reasons Why Reading Books will Save Your Life.  While I’m unsure of the “save your life” part, I was intrigued by its 9th reason: “to discover yourself through reading”.

I’m an investigator at heart.  When I read a novel, in addition to enjoying the book for what it is, I like to analyze everything.  How does the author come up with ideas?  How were hints dropped along the way to lead to the final twist?  How did the author use fairly trivial events to develop the essential character that seemingly is not relevant at the time, but plays a big role down the road?

Have you noticed your styles and patterns too? Think about how your mind flows throughout the reading.

Are you the one who would be empathizing a lot with certain characters?

Are you the one who would be imagining yourself diving in and somehow helping them get out of trouble?

Are you the ones who would imagine yourself diving in and somehow helping them get out of trouble?

Are you the one who would admire the way how certain leaders in the storyline were able to direct and motivate others to accomplish certain goals, good or evil? Are you the one who would search for the one character related to yourself the most?

Are you the one who can’t even get yourself to focus when reading a book?

In any case, if you can let your thoughts stay open during reading, this allows you to discover a lot more about yourself.  It can help to understand how you operate and also let you know more about your instinct.  When you can fully understand yourself and your instinct talents, then you can figure out your passions, paths towards your desired goals and serenity in life.


With love,

Cecilia Or

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