Do you feel insecure?

You are not alone.

Most people feel insecure one way or another, but some of us don’t really know it.

Insecurity is the feeling that created by people that have self-doubt, uncertainty, anxiety about themselves, or a lack of confidence.  Unlike many may assume, this unease feeling does not only apply to love relationship.  In fact, It can also affect the individual in many aspects during the routine life.  For extreme cases, it can cause conditions such as paranoid, narcissism, borderline personality.

You can feel insecure from a variety of reasons, from a major life crisis to a simple task, such as abusive childhood or a daily comment from your boss.  It’s normal for us to feel insecure occasionally, but if this happens repeatedly over a period of time, then it can result in low self-esteem and poor body image.  You also start to feel lost with no direction in life and continuous unease.  Many subtle events seem to make you feel overwhelmed by the surrounding people or environment.

It’s common to see people trying to hide their insecurities.  Maybe because of the impression or the job position, you need to project a strong, determined, confident image.  Some people can become the best actor and can magically camouflage their feelings, “If you don’t see the real me, then you can’t hurt me!”

However, is this truly the best solution for you in the long run?

Are you protecting yourself by hiding your insecurity?  I know it’s hard to believe it, but in fact, you are not saving yourself.  You are actually hurting yourself.  You are letting insecurity slowly chew up your soul.

It doesn’t matter how well you have already deep-seated your insecurity because your mind will always be recalled this insecure feeling every day in your life, including doing the daily tasks.

Here are some of the negative effects of insecurity:

1) Have difficulty to trust other people.

2) Feel paranoid in many things and worry people coming over to get them.

3) Be mistakenly perceived as arrogant personality when they are trying too hard to put a mask on their insecurity.

4) Feel panicking over small issues and exaggerate the problems.

5) Become fear of decision-making.

6) Feel unloved in all relationships because of no true soul-to-soul communication.

7) Scare others away from them because of the insecurity to lose them.

8) Feel unaccepted and unappreciated because they seldom express their mind even when they have the knowledge and skills, so other people may reduce seeking their opinions.

9) Have problems at school or work dealing with the difference in ideas, because they are afraid of telling their thoughts.  This makes them keep feeling angry, hostile or insulted until they quit or they forcefully suppress the upset emotions again.

10) Negatively affect their ability to do anything of their choice that they truly want.

11) Be overly-guarded emotionally, so it causes other people to guess their thoughts.  This creates conflicts and damages to the relationship.

12) Feel unhappy because they cannot let themselves to make choices that they like.

13) Have difficulty in establishing any healthy, long-lasting relationships: love relationship, friendship and family relationship.

14) Believe that no one truly understands you because other people seem to only get along with the camouflage image – the unreal you.

15) Become too inward and start to seek an escape from the reality by creating an unreal fantasy life.


Steps to reduce the insecurity

If you have any of these symptoms, you may wish to consider taking actions in reducing your insecure feeling.  My next article will talk about the steps to reduce insecurity in routine life.  If you have been overwhelmed by insecurity, please click this Link to read it. 


With love,

Cecilia Or

Always Remember Why Inc.

Always Remember W.H.Y.

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