People always say, “It’s good to have a hobby.”  But what can be classified as a hobby?  Out of my curiosity, I decided to go to the Wikipedia page to find a list of hobbies, and I was amazed to learn so many extra options that I haven’t thought of before.

Why does a hobby seem to be a good addition to anyone’s routine life?

Pastime: Simply speaking, sometimes, you need something to do to kill time.  What else do you do in addition to work?  A hobby can give you something enjoyable to do, especially when you are bored or when you don’t want to go out with friends.

Broaden your ability: Because a hobby is usually something that you enjoy to do, it’s likely that you would be willing to spend the time exploring it and be better at it.  There are so countless options.  You can become a glass blowing guru, be a chess champion, have your own greenhouse, be a living room couch movie critic or even an online movie critic, become a club curling champion, pretend you were Cristiano Ronaldo every Sunday morning in your pickup soccer games, or be a crochet

Explore your passionateness:  A hobby is generally something you love to do.  Therefore, when working on a hobby, you can see yourself dive into the task with full passion and it also lets you explore what you are capable of when doing something you love.

Create talking points: No matter if your hobby is an individual activity or group activities, it will still be a topic that you are passionate to discuss with others.  If it’s a group hobby, you can even make new friends when doing it together with others.  This adds to your social life, allowing people with shared hobbies to come together.

What is the most suitable hobby for you? 

For some, picking a hobby comes naturally.  Maybe this hobby was introduced to you, and you immediately fall in love with it.

If you are just starting and are unsure of your interests, here are a few simple questions to help you decide.

Are you competitive?

Superficially, of course, this may immediately lead you to think sports when the answer is a yes. If it’s such an easy decision, you have already chosen that as the direction.  However, other types of hobbies can also be competitive; it just depends on how you go about it.  For example, collecting items can be competitive; flower arrangements can be competitive.  More importantly, if you are competitive, you should take a look at your motivation.  Do you feel good if you pursue something that you are already good at?  Alternatively, are you a person who loves to tackle a challenge and wants to shoot for excelling in a hobby from scratch?

Are you active?

This one sounds more straightforward.  However, there is physically active as well as mentally active.  Physically active is self-explanatory.  For mentally active hobbies, these are related to activities such as playing music, computer games, puzzles, and chess, all of which you can choose to do at a speed of your preference.  In general, when we think of less-active activities, many would immediately think of mostly indoor activities such as reading, model building, and pottery.  Don’t forget to explore some outdoor less-active options,  What about outdoor photography, Tai Chi, seashell collecting, or astronomy, just to name a few?

Are you searching for something that may be useful later?

For example, lockpicking, parkour, and base jumping are probably the combination suitable for Ethan Hunt of Mission Impossible. There are many options you can think of.  Learning new skills like 3D printing, programming, digital arts can be fun.  You can also consider some classic skills that may eventually become lost arts, such as book restoration, woodworking or glass blowing.

Are you looking for activities you can do with friends, such as common interests?

Sport may be the obvious choice, but don’t forget the other possibilities. Various collecting hobbies, urban exploration, and exhibition drills may be suitable for you and your friends too.

Do you prefer a relaxing hobby?

Yoga, Tai Chi, tea/coffee brewing, or flower arrangements are great selections. For the more active individuals, consider something with more movements yet repetitive motions, such as sports stacking, hiking, and kayaking.


While choosing the most suitable hobby for yourself, please don’t feel the “must” to narrow down all your choices.  Some of you may even want to select a combination of hobbies for various purposes.  For example, playing chess to stay sharp, walking to relax and stay active, playing billiards for something to do with friends, learning computer programming as a side skill, people watching to help creative ideas.


With love,

Cecilia Or

Always Remember Why Inc.

Always Remember W.H.Y.

Be Well, Be Happy, Be You