3 Keys to Get Closer to Objective Thinking

Everyone talks about being objective.  Obviously, the best way to go is perfect objectivity, but is this achievable?  And would you truly know if you are or are not objective?  Instead, if you can think critically and avoid certain habits of overly subjective thinking, most often things will go right for you. Avoid acting negatively […]

Wishful Thinking vs Positive Thinking: Stop Wishing Upon a Star

Wishing upon a star is basically the same as Wishful Thinking. There’s no Faith in it… There’s no Intuition in it… Wishful Thinking is similar to Daydreaming – Talk with No Action. In fact, to some extent, it’s associated with Laziness and Excuses. Wishful Thinking vs Positive Thinking Some people believe they are just optimistic. […]

Flu Season – Drinking Water No Longer Solves Dehydration? Do Potassium Check

With the flu season looming, many are suffering from the symptoms including a runny nose and diarrhea.  Health Canada actually has a page about flu and cold.  The symptoms often get worse and worse, and then, one starts to have muscle aches, severe headache and a general sense of tiredness.  Eventually, one may feel like […]

10 Communication Tips to Improve Family Relationship with Child

 Parenting is one of the toughest jobs of all times. Besides responsibility, it also consists of a lot of works and efforts. Family relationship plays an important role in the development of child’s physical, emotional and social capabilities.  Therefore, it’s crucial to build a good healthy relationship with open communication with your child can positively help your child’s […]

Too Many Workplace Conflicts? 7 Tips to Resolve These Situations

Conflict tends to be an inevitable component in relationships. It is normal to happen when involving people with different expectations and most of all, different personalities. It is usually the most noticeable at the workplace. Do you have people in your workplace that cause problems for everyone else? Do you have people that create additional […]

Keys to Choose Your Suitable Hobby

  People always say, “It’s good to have a hobby.”  But what can be classified as a hobby?  Out of my curiosity, I decided to go to the Wikipedia page to find a list of hobbies, and I was amazed to learn so many extra options that I haven’t thought of before.   Why does […]