Signs to Realize You are Too Harsh on Yourself

“How could I have made that mistake?  I shouldn’t have done something so silly.  Now no one likes me.” “Why did I say that?  I am never good enough.  I shouldn’t have said that joke.  It’s not funny.  They must be laughing at me, not laughing with me.” Are you always harsh on yourself? Of […]

Number 1 Prevention to Pitfall for Any Project: Clearly Define Target

Many chess players learn about chess openings (how to begin a chess game).  They usually learn to make the best position to prime for an attack.  A teacher came in and told the students, “I give you 4 moves to start before I make the first move”.  The majority of the students did the same […]

Tips to Help Motivate to Work towards a Healthy Body

Many people are not always comfortable with their body shapes.  While many people wish to make changes to their lifestyles to create healthier bodies, people often fail because they cannot do what they set out to do, or what they set out to do doesn’t achieve the desired outcome. There are 3 general outcomes that […]

Cruising Dream: How to Create Unforgettable Unique Wedding on Sea

Last year, I just had my wedding on a boat, and I would like to share some tips about planning an out-to-sea wedding. 1. To decide on a sea wedding: For some couples, they would have chosen by minute-one. “Where do we want our wedding?” “On a 200-ft yacht, with 160 people, sunset and city […]

Feel Stress / Anxiety / Angry? Here are 30 easy positive coping strategies

We are all human.  Including myself, we all have moments experiencing stress, anxiety or anger.  Maybe it’s from the workload.  Maybe it’s from school or workplace. It’s a normal phenomenon.  Life has ups and downs, but we can’t continue to stay in this negative energy all the time. For a quick reference, you can check if […]

Anxiety? Angry? Warnings if You Use Any Stress-Coping Strategies Included

We all experienced stress in life.  It may be from a variety of sources.  Most of the time, it’s from school, work and relationship, but sometimes, it can also be from routine duties and responsibilities. It’s normal for stress to make us feel anxious, angry and sad.  But we also need to make sure that […]