Break Communication Barrier: How to Reduce Routine Bad Day

How do you feel today?   Is it another rough day? Your boss didn’t seem to appreciate your work.  And your friend misunderstood your joke and took it negatively.  Also, your beloved one nagged you again after a tiring working day.  Oh… What a rough day! Wait… Please sit back for a minute.  Let’s rewind and revisit the moments together… Yes, your […]

3 Reasons to Face Challenges Head On

Is there something buried deep inside your mind that you never want to dig it out?  Are there some difficulties in your life that you try to avoid talking? There are so many people who keep running away from their challenges.  They run and run, and never want to face those challenges.  Eventually, they run […]

Facing Tsunami: Recovery Period after Stress

After a few giant tides gauge off the shore, a seaside city becomes submerged into the waves.  The super speed of saline water keeps merging forward, engulfing everything and everyone along the way… Tsunami destroys towns, villages, and livelihoods: the damages, the losses, the pains, the flashbacks, and the unknown future. During the tsunami, people […]

Face the Obstacles, Stop the Doubts

Why are you doubtful when facing obstacles?  It is normal for us to doubt and hesitate when our paths have more and more obstacles.  Very often, this uncertainty makes us start to second guess.  This happens all the time, including simple daily tasks. For example, when we are driving in our vehicles, we feel hesitate and worried […]

Tips to Eat Healthy but Not Ruining Evening Outs at Restaurants

For most of us, when we go out with friends, we want to enjoy ourselves.  Sure, while making dinner at home and packing a lunch box for work, we can quite focus on the health and nutrition, whereas foods at restaurants tend to be indulged. Many readers are very health-conscious.  They preach various methods (such as […]

The Biggest Blockage to Potentially Better life is Always YOU

The 3 C’s of Life: Choice, Chance and Change… You must make a Choice to take a Chance; Otherwise, your life will never Change. Throughout your Life, there can be a lot of Blockages along your Path.  But the Biggest blockage to potentially a Better life is always YOU… Many people do not like change.  […]