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The 3 C’s of Life: Choice, Chance and Change…

You must make a Choice to take a Chance;

Otherwise, your life will never Change.

Throughout your Life, there can be a lot of Blockages along your Path.  But the Biggest blockage to potentially a Better life is always YOU…

Many people do not like change.  That`s why most people remain stuck in unsatisfying jobs and unhappy relationships.  They are afraid to step out of their old patterns and into something new and uncertain.  Therefore, they choose to “settle” for the existing situations.  Their minds keep going in a loop: “I don’t really like this. But it’s better than nothing.” or “What if, in the end, it didn’t work out. It could be worse.”

But if you are unhappy with your current situation, are you sure that Staying Unhappy is really better than nothing?

Yes, there’s not always a certainty.  We may not be able to predict the future…  Something can go wrong.  But you know one certain thing: You are unhappy right now (0% happiness).  So if you make a choice to take this chance, you have a chance to be Happy (0-100% happiness).  Now when your mind starts thinking, “what if it didn’t work out?  It could be worse”, then you can ask your mind, “What could be worse?”  Now you know the real answer!

Besides that, for making this choice, you are following your heart and leave behind the job and relationship that keep you unhappy.  That’s the first step in becoming unstuck from your unhappy state.

As you take a chance and make a change, you will keep trying your best, because you are following what you truly desire.  No matter what challenges you face afterwards, you will stay upbeat and satisfied with your life, because you are living your Passion – your Dream Life.


With love,

Cecilia Or

Always Remember Why Inc.

Always Remember W.H.Y.

Be WellBe Happy, Be You