Always Remember Why Inc. was founded by Cecilia Or.

Cecilia always has a passion to radiate positive energy to everyone she meets.  No matter if they are her family members and friends or someone she passes by on the streets, she wishes to put a smile on their faces.  Since kindergarten, whenever her teachers and parents asked her what she wanted to be in the future, she always replied, “I want to be everybody’s angel.”  Many people found her answer funny, but she was determined to make it happen.

Life may not be easy, and neither was her childhood.  Her parents divorced when she was 2.  The court decided that she needed to be with each parent on alternate days, which meant she would be travelling every day from one house to the other.  For various beliefs, her parents didn’t want her classmates and teachers to know that her parents divorced.  Everyday Cecilia went to school, she had to lie about her family and everything at home.  After a few months, she stopped talking to people, because she realized that all her friends didn’t really make friends with her, but rather with the girl in a story that she created based on what she imagined as a “whole family”.  Every year, during her birthday, she made an identical wish – to live in a “whole family”.

Maybe because she seldom talked throughout her first 16 years, she developed great skills in observation and analysis.  She loved watching people and every little detail that happened on the streets, in the parks, and at school.  During this time, she came to feel the negative energy from people.  These people seemed to be overwhelmed by what they believed to be the better life.  They replaced their passions with the popular career choices.  They spent lots of time studying and working hard, but as they got more and more money, they also got more and more unhappy.  Nothing seemed to be there inside these people – They slowly turned into well-dressed zombies.

At the age of 16, she was given an opportunity to move to a new country alone.  This marked the beginning of a new journey to her childhood dream – to be everyone’s angel.  Living in a new environment, she soon learnt to be her true self and vowed to bring sunshine to people’s gloomy lives – one soul at a time.  From her volunteer days with cancer patients to her working days in various events, she brings joy and passion together with her 100% smiles, to adult and children alike.

Having experienced both hardship and love and understanding both from a very young age, she has learnt to work out problems with the maturity and management of an adult as well as the pureness and passion of a child.  With that, she now is in a loving relationship with her husband and is able to mend the ill-feelings of her childhood.  Throughout these years, she still loves her parents deeply, yet she has also learnt to flourish as her own person.  She hopes she can help all those in need that she gets a chance to cross paths with, and she wishes to share her light with you.

In order to spread sunshine to more people (not just the ones around her), in 2016, Cecilia decided to found a corporation named “Grow Goal Glow Wellness Inc.”, an online platform to reach the world.  Grow Goal Glow Wellness Inc. applies the ideas from the “6 Dimensions of Wellness” to help you grow up well, reach your goal happily, let you glow as who you are – the Real You.

Later on, in March 2018, she further changed the company name to “Always Remember Why Inc.”, because she wishes the new company name can remind everyone to always remember the W.H.Y. in your life – Just like what her slogan says, “Always Remember W.H.Y. – be Well, be Happy, be You”.

Have a smiling day. Bless you, always… 🙂