We are all human.  Including myself, we all have moments experiencing stress, anxiety or anger.  Maybe it’s from the workload.  Maybe it’s from school or workplace.

It’s a normal phenomenon.  Life has ups and downs, but we can’t continue to stay in this negative energy all the time.

For a quick reference, you can check if you have any of the warning signs mentioned in my last article.  Click here if you are interested in reading it.

Here are 30 easy positive coping strategies:
  1. Take 10 deep breaths slowly
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Stare at the blue sky and watch the clouds float by
  4. Listen to relaxing music with your eyes closed
  5. Spend time with nature
  6. Download an App that plays nature’s sounds, and close your eyes
  7. Countdown from 10 to 1 slowly
  8. Talk to someone you trust
  9. Stand up and stretch
  10. Exercise / Play sports
  11. Practice yoga
  12. Watch a cute animal video or funny clip
  13. Look at photos from happy moments
  14. Think of something happy
  15. Write / Draw / Paint
  16. Play with a pet
  17. Play a board game or video game
  18. Organize and clean your environment
  19. Read motivational quotes
  20. Make a gratitude list
  21. Get enough sleep
  22. Eat healthy food
  23. Have a bit of chocolate
  24. Mediate
  25. Pray
  26. Cry – let the tension release and you will feel better
  27. Do something kind, such as help someone in need
  28. Get involved in a good cause
  29. Prioritize important tasks
  30. Schedule time for yourself to do something your soul likes
Remind yourself that blaming yourself, again and again, will never keep the situation better. 

Staying positive is not as simple as said.  But it’s important to keep trying because we can’t continuously let the negative energy engulf our mind and our soul.  Slowly train yourself to see the positive side of each situation, even though you may need to look harder on some days.

Everyone makes some mistakes in life.  Learn the lessons and then move on.


With love,

Cecilia Or

Always Remember Why Inc.

Always Remember W.H.Y.

Be Well, Be Happy, Be You